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Where Century-Long Expertise Meets Tomorrow's Stability

At CPF Asset Managers (CPFAM), we bring nearly a century of financial stewardship to the forefront of investment management.

Our unwavering commitment is to help shareholders achieve their financial aspirations. We believe in the power of professional financial advice, upheld by our highest standards of conduct and integrity.


Our Vision

Enriching lives through expert asset management.

The CPFAM Spirit

The CPFAM ‘SPIRIT’ establishes the foundational principles that underpin the execution of our strategic plan.  CPFAM emphasizes the six crucial principles and modes of behavior to foster a culture rooted in these values ultimately aligning with its purpose, vision and ethical conduct on a daily basis.  

Our Core Values

CPFAM Values: Sustainability

CPFAM grows clients’ wealth in an ecosystem that drives positive impact to the economy, society and environment.


CPFAM Values: Professionalism


CPFAM recruits, develops and retains competent talent to meet its client’s needs.

CPFAM Values: Innovation

CPFAM applies innovative design thinking principles to offer attractive returns on investment for its customers.


CPFAM Values: Respect

CPFAM values its clients’ wealth and thus make prudent investment decisions to produce attractive returns.


CPFAM Values: Integrity


CPFAM adheres to high ethical and governance standards in order to build and maintain trust and accountability amongst its clients.

CPFAM Values: Teamwork

CPFAM believes in working collaboratively to deliver its promise to its clients.


Our Values

Our Mission

Powering your financial future through prudent investment.

Dr. Benedict Mkalama is the chairperson of CPFAM

Dr. Benedict Mkalama 


Chris has over 20 years of experience in the advisory field

Chris Maranga

Mr. Kili oversees CPF FS and its subsidiaries- LIB, LPS and LITES. He is a Director at CPF FS He is also a Trustee of Laptrus

Dr. Hosea Kili, OGW

Mr. Rono is the Director Strategy, Finance and Investments. He oversees CPFAM. He is also an Executive Director at CPF FS

Joseph Rono

Our Team, a collective embodiment of knowledge and experience, is dedicated to steering your financial journey with unwavering expertise. Comprising seasoned professionals in investment management, financial planning, and market analysis, each member brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Board of Directors

Team brakdown

Meet The Team

Timothy leads the team at CPFAM. He is in charge of all investments. He doubles up as the Group Investment Manager at CPF FS

Timothy Wambui 

Head of CPFAM

Mary is responsible for client profiling, advising, training prospect and existing clients on the various financial and inves

Mary Nganga 

Principal Officer,

Portfolio Management

Brian takes care of the investments docket through execution and rebalancing. He also assists the research function in the co

Brian Kigen 

Portfolio Management

Mercy is responsible for all operational functions of the company. She ensures that we have a robust reporting system, which

Mercy Chepkonga


Julie is responsible for investment decisions for our clients, including portfolio rebalancing and client relationship manage

Julie Syonzau 

Portfolio Management

Jude joined CPFAM as an intern. He evaluates the investments universe available to us. He then advices on the mos

Jude Makori 

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